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Lineare Mehrkopfwaage Frischprodukte Serie R2 ISHIDA / Multihead Weighers linear fresh food CCW R2 Series ISHIDA / Pesatrice multiteste lineare prodotti freschi serie CCW R2 ISHIDA


ISHIDA made a name for itself in the world of weighing technology by inventing the first-ever multihead weigher. For more than 100 years now it has been serving the global market with its innovations in weighing and packaging technology for the food and non-food industries. In the meantime, the product range offered by ISHIDA broadened considerably with check weighers, snack machines, tray sealers, seal testers and even X-ray machines.

Thanks to this long-standing experience in the food industry, ISHIDA is best placed to understand the challenges that its customers might face in processing and packaging food.

Linear Multihead Weighers from ISHIDA

It is not uncommon for production plants to face space constraints; ISHIDA has found a solution to this problem in the form of its linear multihead weighers.

The linear multihead weigher from ISHIDA has a big advantage in that it requires little space thanks to its compact design, and it can be easily integrated in a production line with space limitations. Of course, the linear multihead weigher can also be used as a “stand-alone” machine.

Linear Multihead Weighers from ISHIDA – a suitable weigher for every application.

FFW Series Linear Multihead Weigher for fresh food:
This weigher enables easy product handling for maximum production efficiency. It has rimmed tray lining on both sides, which removes production residues with ease and thus it is ideal for sticky product applications. All plastic trays are made of synthetic resin and they have ribbed inner lining to prevent the products from sticking. Furthermore, the rimmed lining also removes product residues at the collection conveyors and guarantees reliable and precise product dropping.

ITECH has been ISHIDA’s official representative in Switzerland and Italy for many years. Over this time, we have carried out many customer projects with linear multihead weighers from ISHIDA, and have established ourselves as a competent point of contact for weighing and packaging systems, as well as for providing engineering solutions for easy and complex customer problems.

Want to take a closer look at a customer-specific project with a linear multihead weigher from ISHIDA? See “Case-Study – Reference project”. (Project Micarna)

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