Lineare Mehrkopfwaage Frischprodukte Serie R2 / Multihead Weighers linear fresh food CCW R2 Series / Pesatrice multiteste lineare prodotti freschi serie CCW R2

Multihead Weighers linear fresh food CCW R2 Series

Applications: meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy, fresh salads and vegetables
For fresh, frozen or chilled foods that are fried, BBQ, cooked, steamed, marinated or pickled.
Ishida's fresh food weighers are a revolution in weighing of fresh and sticky products. With over 40 years experience in the food industry, we understand the challenges faced by food processors and packers. Manufacturers and processors of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, dairy and fresh produce can now automate their weighing processes, reducing labour requirements, increasing speed and accuracy and dramatically improving efficiency.
Further benefits include:
  • Improved flow of sticky products through the weighing machine 
  • Accurate weighing and reduction of giveaway 
  • Fully or semi-automatic feed system options 
  • Fast product changeover 
  • Easy cleaning and conformity to hygiene regulations 
  • Rapid return on investment 
  • "Now, we are achieving accuracy to within 2% of target, which is excellent for these types of products..." Fairfax Meadow
  • How does the fresh food weigher work?
  • The animation below shows how an Ishida fresh food weigher works to ensure the fast and accurate weighing of produce.
  • The products are fed by a conveyor and distributed manually onto the feeder belts.
  • The products then fall into the pool hoppers and follow through into the weigh hoppers, where they are weighed and deposited into the boost hoppers underneath.
  • Here, accurate combinations are made to the required target weight, which is then desposited onto the collection belt and then into the waiting tray.

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