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Feeding Equipments

Product-feeding equipments from ITECH are automated conveying systems that transport your products from A to B efficiently and gently.

Reliable feeding to the individual stations within a complete system of different automated manufacturing processes is of great importance. Depending on the size, orientation and position of the product, the feeding system needs to be able to pick up the product and pass it on with the correct orientation. Our efficient feeding systems can be economically tailored to your wishes and needs and integrated into your system processes.

The ultra-hygienic belts consist of smooth, homogeneous and gap-free surfaces. This prevents the formation of bacteria and biofilms and reduces the germ counts. There is no fraying as with fabric belts, and there are neither hinges nor moving parts nor pins. They are HACCP compliant as well as compliant with USDA/FDA and EC standards and stainless.

The belts can be assembled, disassembled and cleaned quickly and easily, without any tools.

The most important benefits are summariesed for you here:
  • Customised automatic conveying systems for efficient production processes
  • Ultra-hygienic or user-specific design 
  • Reduced germ counts thanks to various homogeneous and gap-free surfaces
  • Open structure for CIP cleaning (CIP - clean in place)
  • Fast, easy assembly, disassembly and cleaning of the belts without any tools
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced energy consumption and improved ergonomics thanks to lightweight belts
Examples of applications:
  • Ascending conveyors for the filling of the next system in the handling and packaging process
  • Horizontal conveyors for product transfer
  • Can be combined with other machines, such as vibration chutes for uniform filling of the conveyors

Examples of products:
  • All kinds of foodstuffs, unpackaged and packaged (e.g. ready-made products/convenicence food and frozen products)
  • Non-food products depending on application

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