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IDCS ISHIDA Data Capture System /IDCS ISHIDA Data Capture System / IDCS ISHIDA Data Capture System


IDCS Ishida Data Capture System

The IDCS turns the data of up to 100 checkweighers into pure gold: user-friendly software providing an extensive range of reporting options, including production histograms, downtime, checkweigher OEE* and daily reports. After analysis, these reports are useful tools to identify cost savings and take the necessary corrective actions.

Harnessing the data from every single pack you produce and by taking corrective action, IDCS will typically pay for itself within a matter of weeks:

  • A software program which helps you save money
  • Reduce product giveaway and film wastage, increase yield
  • Reduce downtime and increase your production efficiency
  • Improve the OEE* (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
  • Increased efficiency throughout your production line
  • Better access to relevant data
  • Motivation of shop floor staff to optimize efficiency of the production line
  • Excellent method to motivate shop floor staff to increase efficiency
  • IDCS helps to reduce risks and increase sustainability
  • IDCS ensures your compliance with average weight legislation
  • Has a memory back-up facility to secure your production data in case communication with the server is lost
  • IDCS stores batch reports
  • Enables a paperless environment by removal of checkweigher printers

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