Cut-Gate Weigher CG Series

The automatic cut-gate weigher with motor-controlled shutdown valve from ISHIDA is a specialty weigher which provides optimal conditions for weighing dry and free-flowing ingredients. As opposed to screw conveyors or volumetric cup filling systems, the weigher does not damage or affect the product. The weigher is far more accurate and it reduces weighing errors by more than 60 %. In a cut-gate weigher, you can also adjust product settings and make format changes with a press of a button, consequently this also speeds up the production process.

The weigher can be cleaned easily without using any special tools, which saves a lot of time and reduces production costs.

Examples of applications and products:
Freeze-dried coffee, tea, couscous, sugar, salt, detergents, powdered drink or soup mixes, spice

A brief summary of the key advantages:
  • Gentle product handling
  • Highly reduced dust formation thanks to an optional dust-tight enclosure and a dust collection system
  • Optional gassing is possible in a closed enclosure

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