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Distribution Systems ITECH

The distribution systems from ITECH constitute an important link for the transport of your product between your weighing scales and the packaging system, and play a decisive role in ensuring the speed and efficiency of the packaging line.

With our distribution systems, we ensure that your products are dropped and packaged in exactly the right place, even if they consist of numerous components - and this without any

product loss, damage or leakage. Our range also includes systems for topping pizzas and similar products, where a precise and uniform distribution, particularly of expensive ingredients, is of prime importance. A precise and efficient distribution ensures both profitability and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to the movable parts of the distribution system from ITECH, it can be cleaned easily and with little effort. A locking system allows the movable elements to be easily locked back into place at the starting point.

As one of the leading experts, ITECH offers you standardised, but above all customised distribution systems that are manufactured according to your wishes and needs and are based on state-of-the-art technology. Our ITECH engineering team will be happy to support you in the planning and design of your systems.

The most important benefits are summariesed for you here:
  • Precise distribution and filling of trays and containers of various configurations
  • Easy cleaning thanks to movable, ergonomic design 
  • Tailored customer solutions
  • Programmable, servo-controlled operation
  • Time saved thanks to efficient and easy cleaning
  • Stainless design
Examples of applications and products:
  • Complex ready-made meals, snacks, assorted salads, individual pieces of meat or vegetable products, pizzas and similar products
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