Vertical Packaging Machines I420/ I520/ I720 ITECH : Multihead weigher machine & checkweigher scale : ITECH AG
Vertikale Packmaschine, Schlauchbeutel, Verpackungsmaschine I520 / Vertical Packaging Machine I520 / Confezionatrice verticale I520

Vertical Packaging Machines I420/ I520/ I720 ITECH

The I520 is a vertical packing machine with a vacuum-supported film peel-off, an ideal starter model for simple applications.

It is an affordable version with a simple design and just a few moving but high-quality stainless steel parts and components. The integrated HMI software is individually adjustable and makes unpacking and moving pillow and block bottom bags a piece of cake.

Furthermore, the vertical form filling and sealing machine has intelligent temperature controls, a colour touchscreen, programmable logic control (PLC) with a servomotor, allowing quick format switches.

The most important benefits are summariesed for you here:
  • Easy forming and sealing of pillow and block bottom bags (stand-up pouches)
  • Contact parts and frames made of stainless steel
  • Integrated HMI software individuall adaptable
  • Programmable logic control (PLC) with a servo motor
  • Quick format change
  • Vacuum assisted film take-off
  • High quality components
  • The starter model for simple applications

The packing machine is available in the widest range of models – I420, I520, I720, other models upon request. Depending on the model, the film width measures 420 mm, 520 mm and 720 mm. Performance can also vary per model.

Examples of applications and products:
  • Solids: Candies, chocolate, cakes, nuts, vegetables, salad, pastas, snacks
  • Granulates: Nuts, capsules, granular medicines, seeds, feed
  • Powder-form: Spices, milk powder, laundry detergent, salt, refined sugar
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