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Horizontal Packaging Machine Volpak

Founded in 1979, VOLPAK* is a market-leading brand and a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of horizontal form-fill-seal machinery for flexible pouches of all types of packaging - from simple flat pouches to stand-up pouches with top or corner caps.

VOLPAK machines are equipped with the latest technology and represents the core of the company innovation.

Especially in the field of recyclable materials, manufacturers are faced with considerable challenges in terms of the performance of the equipment. Volpak offers suitable solutions for these applications and has already developed technology to operate with these materials.

This concerns the stability in the forming process, control of the film stretching, the exact adjustment and precise settings and accurate control of sealing parameters (time, pressure and temperature). These are key elements in the production of high quality and leak-proof pouches, especially when made with down-gauge packaging films.

Examples of applications and products:
  • Solids: Tea, coffee, baked goods, biscuits, candies, cheese, animal feed, pasta, snacks, chocolate, pharmaceutical products, cereals
  • Powders: spices, soups, washing powder, salt, sugar, baby food, milk powder
  • Liquid: liquid soaps, sweet drinks, sauces, oral care, chemicals, sun care, oils

*Only available in Italy.

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