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DACS GN Karton-Linie Kontrollwaagen ISHIDA / DACS GN Carton-Line checkweighers ISHIDA / DACS-GN Linea controlli peso della gamma Cartoni ISHIDA

DACS-GN Carton-Line

DACS-GN Carton-Line – the check weigher for heavy weights and volumes

Carton-Line check weighers are ideal for the inspection of boxes and sacks weighing up to 60 kg for weight compliance and detecting missing pieces.

Easily handling large objects
Carton-Line models provide for a smooth operation of the inspection process, whereby weights of 150 g of up to 60,000 g can be handled and the need for employees to lift heavy weights by employees can cut to a minimum.

Impressive speed and precision
These check weighers maintain inspection at a belt speeds of up to 55 m / min and can, thanks to patented high-speed Ishida weighing cells and detect weight deviations of up to 1 g.

Configures to your needs
A free-standing display unit makes the integration into the line quick and easy, while the line feed and weighing belts for their specific requirements can be configured. Selection of roller or conveyor feeding, in dry or waterproof construction.

A rich data source
The data output can be completed using a USB-download or direct printing.

Easy set-up, operation and maintenance
The simple, intuitive user interface makes the check weighers on the carton-line are easy to configure and operate.

Industry standards built in
All check weighers on the carton-line fulfil the European safety and weight guidelines.

Sample applications and products
Baked goods, cookies, salads, snacks, sweets, ready-to-eat foods

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