DACS-GN Advanced-Linie Kontrollwaagen ISHIDA / DACS-GN Advanced-Line checkweighers ISHIDA / DACS-GN Linea controlli peso della gamma Advanced ISHIDA

DACS-GN Advance-Line

DACS-GN Advance-Line – the check weigher ISHIDA with impressive precision and speed

The check weigher DACS-GN is the optimal solution for you if an exact check weigher with a speed of up to 600 packages per minute is required. With belt speeds of up to 120 m/min, the precise force compensation sensor from ISHIDA provides an impressive precision with a minimal division of 0.1 g.

Electromagnetic force compensation (EMK)
This model works according to the principle of electromagnetic force compensation (EMK) and is laid out in two models: up to 1.5 kg and up to 3 kg. They can be adjusted to precision or standard mode or in the case of high speed in MID as well as in NON-MID mode can also work with products of very load weight.  

High-grade quality and easy cleaning
The check weigher is built on a robust stainless-steel frame and can be used for many years in the most demanding applications. Thanks to the open design, it can be easily cleaned and maintained and so downtime can be reduced to a minimum.

Protection class

Completed applications and products
Baked goods, cookies, fresh products, pasta, salads, snacks, meat, poultry and fish

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