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ISHIDA made a name for itself in the world of weighing technology by inventing the first-ever multihead weigher. For more than 100 years now it has been serving the global market with its innovations in weighing and packaging technology for the food and non-food industries.

Thanks to this long-standing experience, and having installed more than 45,000 multihead weighers in the food and non-food industries, ISHIDA is best placed to understand the challenges that its customers might face in processing and packaging food. Particularly in case of challenging products, where specialty weighers are needed.

Specialty weighers from ISHIDA – a suitable weigher for every application.

Apart from the conventional circular and linear multihead weighers like CCW Micro, CCW SE3, CCW RVE or CCW RV ISHIDA also offers a range of specialty weighers:

  • Mix weigher – circular and linear: The optimal solution for quickly and reliably weighing various product mixes such as muesli, cereals, fresh food, frozen mixtures, ready meals and confectionary.
  • Circular Multihead Weigher with Spiral Conveyor CCW RV-SF: The perfect weigher for weighing sticky, oily, and marinated products. Specially designed for difficult-to-move fresh foods, such as poultry, red meat, fish, and seafood.
  • Cut-gate weigher CG: The automatic cut-gate weigher with motor-controlled shutdown valve is a specialty weigher for weighing dry and free-flowing ingredients like sugar, tea, instant coffee, instant soups, and washing powder.
  • Circular Multihead Weigher Gentle Slope CCW GS: A specialty weigher with a low incline for explicitly fragile and delicate products like biscuits, fragile pasta, pasta nests, and snacks.

ITECH has been ISHIDA’s official representative in Switzerland and Italy for many years. Over this time, we have carried out many customer projects with circular multihead weighers from ISHIDA, and have established ourselves as a competent point of contact for weighing and packaging systems, as well as for providing engineering solutions for easy and complex customer problems.
We'll be pleased to help you if you are facing a difficult challenge, if you need a solution for your project, or if you just want advice.

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