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Vertical Snack Packing Machine Inspira ISHIDA

INSPIRA Bagmaker from ISHIDA – the high-performance solution

The INSPIRA form fill seal snack bagmaker for snacks from ISHIDA is the perfect automation solution for the high-quality packing and sealing of snack products.

Intelligent Technology
The high-performance bagmaker has been designed for a wide range of film materials and formats and has intelligent sealing jaw technology that serves as the basis for high-quality and ready for inspection packages.

High Packing Performance
With the INSPIRA «rotary motion», the snack machine forms and seals up to 250, with intermittent movement up to 120, bags per minute with a noise level of less than 71.1 dB. The machine has more than 500 pre-sets for the programming of urgent product or film changes.

Thanks to the easy and intuitive insertion and removal of components such as the forming tube, film spindle or the tensioning roller, quick changeover is another advantage. The centring and tension setting take place automatically. Auto splice film management.

In addition, the INSPIRA high-performance solution has various automatic setting functions such as, for example, automatic positioning of the printer, N2 gas, etc.

Through the precise control of the film tension, there is less product and packaging waste, which is not only of benefit to the environment but also to your lower production costs.

Wide-ranging Integration Possibilities
The INSPIRA packaging machine from ISHIDA is available as a «stand-alone» solution but can also be perfectly integrated into a packaging line and can be combined with multihead scales, check weighers and X-ray inspection devices, etc.

Improved Accessibility
Thanks to the open machine design, the tubular bag machine is easy and quick to clean and service.

Numerous Options
We will gladly advise you of the wider range of options.

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