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Röntgenpruefgerät, Röntgenprüfsystem, Röntgenkontrolle ISHIDA / X Ray Inspection ISHIDA / Inspezione raggi X ISHIDA

Information X-Rays

Ishida X-ray Inspection System, protecting your customer and your brand
Ishida X-ray inspection can be used at any stage in your production line to identify with the greatest accuracy and reliability when foreign bodies are contaminating your product, thus protecting your brand and reassuring your customers.
Finds metal, glass, stone, bone, shell, rubber and dense plastics

Benefits of an X-ray inspection system
X-ray inspection has several key benefits, especially for food producers, that are fundamentally linked to safety and quality:
Brand protection
• Customers will trust the product
Food safety
• The food is free of foreign bodies and safe to eat
Can do much more than just finding foreign bodies:
• Counting components
• Weight estimation
• Checking fill level
• Detecting flaws such as missing or broken items
• Measuring product size
• Sealing control

All these functions in one machine lead to a cost-effective and efficient performance

Cost savings due to no product recalls and customer complaints
• Fewer recalls and customer complaints lead to less fines
• You as a supplier are using the state-of-the-art technology and can therefore be confident of quality
Due diligence / auditing
• Up-to-date records of all products including rejects, with all data and images stored securely
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