IX-GN Series : Multihead weigher machine & checkweigher scale : ITECH AG
Röntgenpruefgerät, Röntgenprüfsystem, Röntgenkontrolle GN ISHIDA / X Ray Inspection GN ISHIDA / Inspezione raggi X GN ISHIDA

IX-GN Series

IX-GN-Series - X-ray testing systems by ISHIDA with high performance detection of foreign bodies

The optimal premium x-ray testing device for a broad product palette.

This X-ray testing system from the GN-Series by ISHIDA is a high-performance device for highly sensitive detection of many types of foreign bodies in packaged and unpackaged products. This is made possible thanks to our 7-stage image analysis.

This x-ray inspection device has the tremendous advantage that it can be used in many industries and applications and does not just detect the smallest contaminants, but can also record a multitude of other important visual and numeric information. These can include everything from missing product pieces/parts to incorrect fill levels to unsealed products.

Additionally, the s-ray testing system generates unique “genetic algorithms” (GA), with which each individual product or each package in your production line can be furnished with individual detection levels and integrated.  

Thanks to the ergonomic stainless steel design, your cleaning is made easy and the GA-image processing provides for fast and efficient product change-over. User-friendly 17-inch-monitor with touchscreen-function.

Here are the most important advantages summarized for you:
  • High-performance x-ray testing device for the detection of foreign bodies for a broad palette of packaged and unpackaged products
  • Broad detection and recording of visual and numeric information like missing product pieces/parts, incorrect fill levels, etc.
  • Individually adjustable detection sensitivity levels for maximum quality control
  • Generates unique «genetic algorithms» for optimal adjustment of detection levels
  • GA-image processing for automatic performance optimization– for fast and efficient product change-over
  • X-ray testing system built from high-grade stainless steel for easier cleaning
  • Integrated air conditioner and 17-inch-touchscreen-control
  • Various models/sizes within the GN-series
What this means for you:
  • Greater brand integrity - Builds confidence in your brand at the customer level
  • High safety – Excludes contamination of foodstuffs
  • Increased trust – High-tech-quality control increases trust in your products
Sample applications and products:
  • Standardised or identical products (0-220 mm): Sweets, bread, cheese, ice-cream, cookies
  • Complex products (over 60 mm): Meat products, cereals, yoghurt cups

    Even detection of small quantities of Steel, aluminium, tin, glass, stone, rubber, dense plastics, bones and shells

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