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Röntgenpruefgerät, Röntgenprüfsystem, Röntgenkontrolle G2 ISHIDA / X Ray Inspection G2 ISHIDA / Inspezione raggi X G2 ISHIDA

IX-G2 Series

IX-G2-Series - X-ray testing systems by ISHIDA with dual-energy-technology

The x-ray testing device for highly efficient identification of low-density foreign bodies.

The high-performance x-ray testing system from the G2-Series by ISHIDA is a dual-energy-system, which identifies foreign bodies even in the most difficult applications and can easily distinguish them from product. This specialised x-ray technology meets the highest quality demands and guarantees the safety of foodstuffs.

This x-ray testing device is used among other times when the density of the product and the potential foreign body are similar. This can be the case for example with chicken bones and meat, or with products that overlap inside a package or a bag and so cover up possible contamination by pieces of the product and make the documentation process more difficult. This can happen for example in a bag with frozen chicken nuggets or sausages.

Additionally, the dual-energy-system offers all the other detection functions of an ISHIDA-X-ray testing system, including missing parts, product deformation and weight estimation.

Here are your most important advantages summarized:
  • Precise localisation of the smallest foreign bodies (under 0.6 mm) thanks to optimised G2-technology – even rocks, shells, metal or bones
  • High performance x-ray testing which functions even with packaged products with irregular surfaces and overlaps such as granulates
  • Ergonomic and easy to clean construction made of stainless steel
What this means for you:
  • Greater brand integrity - Builds confidence in your brand at the customer level
  • High safety – Excludes contamination of foodstuffs
  • Increased trust - High-tech-quality control increases trust in your products
Sample applications and products:
  • Complex* Products of 0-60 mm: Poultry, vegetables, cereals, overlapping meat products
  • Foreign bodies with low density: Bone fragments, stone, glass

     *Product with varying density, overlaps, etc.

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