IX-EN Series : Multihead weigher machine & checkweigher scale : ITECH AG
Röntgenpruefgerät, Röntgenprüfsystem, Röntgenkontrolle EN ISHIDA / X Ray Inspection EN ISHIDA / Inspezione raggi X EN ISHIDA

IX-EN Series

IX-EN-Series - X-ray testing systems by ISHIDA, effective protection for your clients and your brand

The starter model for x-ray testing technology from ISHIDA.

Thanks to the most modern x-ray testing technology, the decision to invest is made easy for first-timers. Because this X-ray testing system from the EN-Series is the most cost-efficient method to guarantee your product safety.  This model is especially well-suited for detecting foreign bodies in light and thin products and has the sensitivity required for reliable detection of contaminants and product defects.

The X-ray testing systems from ISHIDA can be integrated at any point on your production line in order to detect foreign bodies with the greatest possible reliability.

Here are the most important advantages summarized for you:
  • Reliable x-ray testing for uniform products
  • Cost-reducing effects e.g.  by reducing returns and complaints and so avoiding payment liabilities
  • Efficient and economical improvement of quality control on your production line
  • Easy installation and integration into your existing production line
  • User-friendly 15-inch-monitor with touchscreen-function

Availability of current and saved production data incl. visual presentation for tracking production and rejects

Sample applications and products:
  • Thin products (0-50 mm) – XX62/63: chocolate bars, granola bars, sliced cheese, dried fruits
  • Foreign bodies with high or low density: Stainless steel and (non-) ferrous metals, glass, rubber, Teflon, PVC
  • Thick products (50 mm-150 mm) – XX93: Bread, Yoghurt cups, baked goods, cakes
  • Foreign bodies with high or low density: Stainless steel and (non-) ferrous metals, glass, stone
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