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DACS-G Excellence-Line

DACS-G Excellence-Line - the nearly perfect check weigher from ISHIDA

Check weighers don’t just need to be exact and fast. They also must be able to endure harsh production conditions. Moreover, they need to be easy to operate and easy to fully integrate into the factory and company specific data systems. The new ISHIDA Check weighers -of the model DACS-G constitutes a technological development in all of these relevant areas. All models of the new series DACS-G are certified in compliance with the European MID-specification.

Large weighing range – great flexibility
The model DACS-G 015 can switch at the push of a button between a maximum capacity of 600 g (in increments of 0.2 g) and 1500 g (in increments of 0.5 g). The model DACS-G 060 encompasses the range 3000 g (in steps of 1 g) und 6000 g (in steps of 2 g). This means a single machine can cover a very broad weighing range.

Extremely robust thanks to dislocating force limiter (DFL)
The DACS-G check weighers will continue to work precisely, if objects fall on the weighing belt of if for example sudden manual pressure is applied suddenly during cleaning. Ishida has integrated a dislocating force limiter System (DFL) between the weighing belt and the sensor unit of the check weigher. The DFL switches the sensitive sensor off quickly for protection and then immediately starts operation again.

Easy operation thanks to «dials and press buttons» even with gloves
The operating personnel don’t need to press an endless number of key sequences, but instead just turn buttons to set the machine and confirm the input by pressing. One can keep work gloves on while operating the machine, which is both comfortable and hygienic.

Protection class
IP54 / IP65

Sample applications and products
Baked goods, cookies, fresh products, pasta, salads, snacks, meat, poultry and fish

DACS-G-S015;   15 - 1500 g
DACS-G-S060; 125 - 6000 g

- Various options are available, like fully integrated high-performance metal detectors  
- Interfaces with data recording systems in combination with sub-quantity scales and other portioning
- Touchscreen 
- Average controls for weight control
- additional configurations on request

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