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DACS-G Excellence-Line

DACS-G Series Checkweighing moves closer to perfection

Checkweighers need to be accurate and fast, and capable of withstanding the most punishing factory conditions. In addition, they must be easy to operate and capable of playing their full part in factory and enterprise-wide information systems. Ishida new DACS-G range of checkweighers moves the technology forward by important steps in all of these crucial areas. All Ishida DACS-G models are certified according to the European MID specification.

Great flexibility in range of weights handled

At the touch of a button, the DACS-G 015 model can be switched between a maximum capacity of 600g (0.2g graduations) and 1500g (0.5g graduations), while the DACS-G 060 offers 3000g (1g graduations) and 6000g (2g graduations) ranges, thus enabling one machine to cover a very wide weight range.

A new level of resistance to accidents: the Dislocating Force Limiter (DFL)

DACS-G checkweighers are unlikely to be put out of action or rendered inaccurate by objects being dropped onto the weighing belt, or by sudden excess pressure exerted by the operator during cleaning.

Between the weigh conveyor and the sensor unit is a dislocating force limiter system which simply disconnects under such circumstances, completely protecting the sensor and allowing normal operations to resume immediately.

Easy, “turn-and-press” operating dial, with no need to remove gloves

Rather than remember numerous keypad sequences, with the possibility of miskeying, the operator simply twists the dial to navigate, then presses to confirm. This means that gloves do not need to be removed, and can be worn during operation, saving time and helping to maintain hygiene.


DACS-G-015: 15-1500g

DACS-G-S060: 125-6000g

Various options are available, for ex:

Fully integrated, high performance metal detectors

Interfaces with data capture systems, multihead weighers or other equipment for optimum production line performance

Feedback control

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