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Kreisförmige Mehrkopfwaage CCW Mikro Waage ISHIDA / Circular Multihead Weigher CCW Micro ISHIDA / Pesatrice multiteste circolare serie CCW micro ISHIDA

Circular Multihead Weigher CCW Micro

The ISHIDA 14 head micro weigher is the smallest multihead weigher in the world. Performing within a minimal footprint, it provides a particularly good solution for the lowest target weights. This micro weigher is capable of handling ultra-low target weights at high speeds with unsurpassed accuracy. The precise weighing accuracy of 0.01 g with incremental weigh cells minimises product loss and saves money.
The micro weigher can handle target weights from 0.5 to 50 g at speeds of up to 120 weighments per minute. This makes the model ideal for handling powders and granules, such as soup ingredients, tea leaves, spices and herbs, dehydrated vegetables, tablets and capsules. The micro weigher is also in demand among non-food manufacturers who need to weigh small items, e.g. dental products.
Space-saving and flexible line layout: The micro weigher performs within a small footprint of just 650 x 650 mm and has a maximum height of just 970 mm (a quarter of the space occupied by a standard multihead weigher).

Examples of applications and products:
Weighing powders and granules, such as soup ingredients, tea leaves, spices and herbs, dehydrated vegetables, tablets and capsules

A brief summary of the key advantages:
  • User-friendly: Easy and uncomplicated set-up and operation, 12.1 inch LCD colour display with diagnostic menu, 200 product default settings, multiple languages, a self-modulating vibration system which optimises your product flow
  • Connectivity: Plug and Play import/export of USB data and Ethernet connectivity are also available, remote-controllable using VNC®-Software
  • Compliance: FDA and RoHS compliant
  • Efficiency: Simultaneous triple combination calculation (up to 100 % efficiency)
  • Materials: Parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel / various surface materials are available
  • IP Protection class: IP-54
  • Options: Application-specific accessories are available (e.g. storage trays, software etc.)
  • Number of heads: 14
  • Hopper volumes: 0.05 litres
  • Maximum single dump volume: 0.05 litres
  • Discharge outlet hopper: Single discharge hopper

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